Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A stunning woman stopped by the taco stand today.

Definition: Stunning is as high as it gets on my woman scale. A stunning woman is the whole aura, beauty, outfit together that sets theme music off in the soul. A stunning woman can serve you a whole plate of shit and a half-worn urinal cake as dessert and you will thank her for it. Wow is the first thought in your mind as a stunning woman flows up to you. Men yearn for stunning women like puppy dogs yearn for the teat after a nightmare.

Example: Jane Seymour is stunning.

Rarity: I have seen maybe 12 women in my life that I would call stunning. Three have come to my taco stand. This one, Jane Seymour, and one who played an actress in the HBO movie "Pancho Villa starring as himself". Green eyed stunning.

One of the Lillix girls dropped by. They've all come by at one time or another and they're all real sweethearts. This was one of the sisters. Her hair is red and black now and I like the look and told her so. Their new CD is about done and I'll have to catch a show. Of course a 47 year-old fat man at a Lillix show oughta draw some interesting thoughts ranging from pervert to he must have a kid here in the audience.

My fingers are crossed for another one of my customers today who is on his way to LA LA land to pitch a series to HBO and another network. It's about four people from different parts of the world who have the same vision of the apocalypse.

Everybody else was boring today.

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