Monday, June 27, 2005

So I'm giving this thing a shot. Armed with Tony's rules and dead set on improvising and seat-of-my-pants-who-really-gives-a-fuck-devil-may-care-run-on-sentences. I used to fancy myself a writer in my younger days so here I may return to my youth in cyberland. What I intend/hope to do is learn how to post pics on this thing and at times say very little. If I get good it will be at MOST times say very little

Who knows what will happen but maybe I hope to reach the status of not being able to leave the house without being mobbed by adoring fans.

What makes me?

A Mexican mother and a American father. Great great uncles who died fighting with Zapata and some Yaqui Indian blood crossed with white working Indiana Hoosier who worked from the day he was able as a boy until the day he was getting ready for work and was felled by a heart attack.

A "natural" child born of a "gallant" who road a horse through the fields near Obregon Sonora and the maid of a rich yanqui farmer who would take the child adopted with him when the Mexican Government seized his land and ran him and his child of Mormon polygamists wife out of Mexico.

A son of a low middle class family in Indiana who had 11 children (of which only 3 now remain living) who was inducted into the army the day WWII ended and as a military policeman in Germany allowed German prisoners to sneak out at night. He told my sister that he and the others knew the Germans would return because they were taking food to their families and the meals that they were given as prisoners was the only thing that kept their families from starving to death in post war Germany.

Me? I make a decent living because I got lucky. I speak Spanish and the job I have requires it. I have become my father now that he is gone and I have no regret about it.

Excellent start!

keep up the good work!
People who can write like you should! from a fellow Tonymite keep it up.
It is very easy to post pictures. Have fun learning that. It is very satisfying.
Thank you for the kindness
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