Sunday, March 12, 2006

So after that last post I'm sitting here when a great idea comes to me.

A walk. (a 6.7 mile walk)

I got a great place around here for a walk.

Down to Boundary Bay.

I get kinda mad because my camera is at work so I can't show you guys my walk.

Next time.

I leave the house and walk south down the road. Cloudless, brisk Sunday morning. 10AM local time. ALL kinds of birds are filling the air with song and the drainage ditch makes the occasional gurgling noises whenever there are rocky places. Muddy fields with standing water as I leave the houses behind.

After a bit I turn east on a road past more farms and over the railroad tracks. That road ends and I turn south again towards the bay. One of my favorite golf courses is to my left. I reach the bay and walk out a bit on the large gray driftwood logs to have a sit and rest for a bit.

Time to head back.

Past the golf course I stay straight to return a different way. I spy a rooster in the bushes. He spies me but he could give a shit about me because what he wants is on the other side of the road. So an age old question is answered. The chicken crossed the road to bang a hen. Then he crossed back because love'em and leave'em don't give me your number because I aint calling.

He's the man.

I soon found out where the chickens came from and soon I'm standing in front of my dream house. A cute little farm house with a yard carpeted with green grass and crawling with chickens. Musta been about 50. Just doing what chickens do. Hens, cocks. A whole damned chicken community. Two roosters start a ruckus and a dozen scurry over to check it out. Then a bucket gets knocked over and chickens come running back into the yard. Fight over. Two cats clean themselves while sitting on a fallen over trash can. I could watch that scene for hours but I walk on. At the edge of the yard I'm scolded by a rooster who gets all "what the fuck you looking at"?

As I walk on I look up to behold three bald eagles circling. One moves off and I watch the two remaining eagles going opposite ways then the same way. I watch for about 15 minutes as the eagles climb higher and continue circling without once flapping a wing. One word comes to my mind as I admire them.


I come upon a house that turns out to be a place that rehabilitates orphaned and injured birds. There are 5 eagles sitting in the large tree. Four males and one female. I live in a place south of Vancouver near a town called Ladner and this place is teaming with bald eagles and I'll tell you boys and girls, it takes my breath away every time I see them.

My walk takes me 2 1/2 hours but was quite enjoyable.

I have to drop my son off at the airport tomorrow. Maybe I'll run it and get my camera.

Stopping by to say hello! It feels like ages since I've done the blog rounds...
I take my dog walking down to
Boundary Bay!
YOu write so nicey-nice.

In Vanuatu, I saw a predatory shape overhead, which looked much like that hawk you have pictured. The black shape, about the size of a bird, soared very gracefully above my head. It was fairly low as it glided from one palm tree to another. The catch is that this happened at 8 pm at night, so I figured that it wasn't actually a bird, but one of the bats which are ubiquitous to the region.
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